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Focus group results 

The focus group today went really well and I managed to get 4 boys and 4 girls (aged 3-4) opinions on all the toys I had.

For legal reasons I couldn’t take any photos or film but I noted down all the results and got to take some pictures of my equipment on the table in the classroom I worked in. 
As you can see above the girls preferred the feminine toys/feminine output and the masculine toys/feminine output, this could means that they prefer toys which look “girly” on the exterior and it doesn’t matter what the function of the toy is. 
The boys preferred the masculine toys/masculine output and the feminine toys/masculine output which could mean the same as above but the opposite way round. The boys commented a lot on the pink toys saying pink is just for girls and were quick to dismiss the pink action figure and train. 
From the results of whether they thought the toys were for girls/boys/both, it was interesting that one child put all the toys in the both pile however this is probably an anomalous result as the child just kept shouting both for anything. The rest of the toys were mainly predictable, most children put feminine toys/feminine output and masculine toys/feminine output in the girls category. The masculine toys/masculine output toys and feminine toys/masculine output toys were only just mostly in the boy category, there was a significant amount who said both for these too. 

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  1. This looks as though it was a successful activity – well done! The question now is ‘what does it really tell you and what does this mean for the future of toys?’:)

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