Parents opinions

One part of my field research is to get the opinions of parents to see how they react to different gender stereotypes. I have designed a survey with a set of statements for them to rate whether they strongly disagree or strongly agree on a scale of 0-10.

  • Both boys and girls really need to develop social skills.
  • Only boys should be permitted to play competitive sports.
  • Quiet girls will have a happier life than assertive girls.
  • It is only healthy for boys to cry when they have been hurt.
  • I would discourage my son from saying that he wants to be a nurse when he grows up.
  • I would buy my son and daughter the same kind of toys.
  • Boys who exhibit sissy behaviors will never be well adjusted.
  • Girls who are tomboys will never be well adjusted.
  • Parents should set different behavior standards for girls and boys.
  • I feel upset when I see boys put on a dress when they play dress-up.
  • I would buy my son a doll.
  • I would not hire a male babysitter.
  • Boys, more than girls, need competitive sports.
  • A parent who would pay for ballet lessons for a son is asking for trouble.
  • I would be upset if my daughter wanted to play football.
  • Girls should be encouraged to play with building blocks and toy trucks.
  • I would feel disappointed if my daughter acted like a tomboy.
 From this I can see whether parents agree with some gender stereotypes and whether they would buy the stereotypically “wrong” toys for their children too.
You can view/fill in the survey below, any parents I would really appreciate it if you filled it in for me. Thanks.

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