Day 1-4 March Meet The Maker – You, Where, How You Started, Favourite To Make

Bit late for this but want to join in on #marchmeetthemaker Day 1-3 all rolled in 1 here 💃🏽 I’ll start it off with introducing myself, anyone who doesn’t know me personally can now put a face to the owner of TeePee Creations! 🎪 My name’s Toni Pilling and my nickname was Tpee at school so that’s where my shop name came from… I’m 24, come from Bolton and recently graduated from Northumbria University 👩🏼‍🎓 after studying Design for Industry. I currently work as a Graphic Designer at Rapid IT Ltd part time and spend my days off on TeePee Creations. I started TeePee Creations back in 2016 after being inspired to go and create my own card illustrations and prints from a work placement I had at Rethinkthings Ltd. It started off slow as I didn’t have much time to put into it whilst studying but I got quite a few sales through Red Bubble. After university finished in August 2017, I decided to really work hard creating new designs, marketing my business and setting up a shop on Etsy and Depop… fast forward to now and I’ve had over 140 sales since! 💲💲💲 I am really passionate about creating fun, quirky and unique designs which enhance the card and present giving experience. My designs reflect my personality and I am hoping that this year will bring bigger and better things for TeePee Creations!


Day 4 – my favourite thing to make at the moment is my gift bags, I’m enjoying working in a more 3D form 🤗

avocado bag 4


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