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Day 14 – Dream Plans, March Meet The Maker

Day 14 – Dream Plans – It’s hard to represent your dreams in a picture so I have created this sketch on illustrator to project what is going on in my head! πŸ’­ My dream plans are to own a shop in a lovely area selling my cards and gifts with a studio in the back to design/make in. Supporting this will be my E-Commerce platforms and selling stock to other retailers and wholesalers across the globe. 🌍 I want my brand to be recognised and remembered… to improve the card and gift giving experience for lots of people! I want to be able to have TeePee Creations as my sole income. πŸ’° I don’t just plan on having this as a dream, I am planning on turning this into a reality one day! Watch this space… #marchmeetthemaker

dream plans post FINAL

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