About Me


Hi there, my name Toni Pilling and my nickname was Tpee at school so that’s where my shop name came from (TeePee Creations) I’m 24, come from Bolton and recently graduated from Northumbria University 👩🏼‍🎓 after studying Design for Industry. I currently work as a Graphic Designer at Rapid IT Ltd part time and spend my days off on TeePee Creations. I started TeePee Creations back in 2016 after being inspired to go and create my own card illustrations and prints from a work placement I had at Rethinkthings Ltd. It started off slow as I didn’t have much time to put into it whilst studying but I got quite a few sales through Red Bubble. After university finished in August 2017, I decided to really work hard creating new designs, marketing my business and setting up a shop on Etsy and Depop… fast forward to now and I’ve had over 360 sales since! 💲💲💲 I am really passionate about creating fun, quirky and unique designs which enhance the card and present giving experience. My designs reflect my personality and I am hoping that this year will bring bigger and better things for TeePee Creations!

Outside of my Design work I am a big gamer, I love indie games and I am constantly on the hunt for new ones to download. I also love a good festival and going a bit crazy with the fancy dress and glitter! I have 7 tattoos too and can definitely say I am addicted, I can’t wait to get more!!

If you want to know any more about me feel free to ask and check out my blog pages with March Meet The Maker on as I did a whole month writing about myself. Please also feel free to comment on my work and let me know what you think!

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