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Pop Up Shop Opening

Last Friday night was the launch of The Curious Collection Pop Up Shop where over 15 different independent makers, including myself are displaying their items for sale. On the opening night the place was packed with customers and the space looked amazing. I even saw quite a few people with my cards in the queue!

If your looking for something unique this Christmas then you should definitely check it out and support local, independent, small businesses. You can go visit it throughout the whole of November & December, Wednesdays – Saturdays at 437 Wilmslow Road, Manchester, M20 4NW.

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Methtini Custom Order Bottle Stickers

The customer for this request was going to a party where they needed to create their own drink. After making their concoction they wanted some stickers designing for the bottle. I was sent a description of what they wanted – Name: Vagrant Co. Small Batch Methini, using the homeless Jesus image. Simple colours with the writing on the back – Our Methtini is lovingly hand synthesised for the most discerning tramp. With hints of juniper and blackcurrant, this drink will warm up the coldest of park benches or doorways. The smell of old urine simply melts away as your senses are taken on a journey into oblivion and your mind and body into pleasant dream free sleep. picture of a bottle containing words; 33 UK Units Please drink irresponsibly WARNING – consumption of this product may cause blindness or death. The customer loved the final design –
“That’s brilliant! It looks great against the purple drink!”
Write a comment below, let me know your thoughts! Got any ideas for your own custom requests? Fill in my custom order form here.
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Apple Day Craft Fair

Last Sunday I attended my first craft fair! It was at Platt Fields Park in Manchester for an event called Apple Day. The event was organised by Etsy Mcr.

I had a really fun day despite the weather being miserable. It was great to talk to customers face to face, I got loads of lovely comments and a good few sales too! It’s really made me want to start selling at more craft fairs for the run up towards Christmas so I have just applied to some more. I even had one customer start off by wanting just 1 card but then spotting more and more she liked and ended up buying 6 cards, a pack of Christmas cards and a big bag of confetti because she just couldn’t resist! Amazing!

All my cards were sold ‘Naked‘ with just the display models in biodegradable cellophane. The customers loved the idea of them being plastic free, it was great talking point.

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New Website Launch

I am happy to announce that I have a brand new website with my own self hosted shop! I’ve been working hard at getting it ready these past 2 weeks and now it is live  so I am giving all my social media followers 20% off everything until the 28th September!! Just use code ‘TPWEBLAUNCH’

Check it out have a look around to see all my products, learn about how I started and my companies ethos.

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1st Year of Trading

This time last year I got my first sale… today I got my 548th sale! Wow!! Just looking at my orders chart you can how much my sales have grown…

Screen Shot 2018-08-31 at 21.36.49

I can’t believe it’s already been 1 year since I decided to start selling my cards online! The journey I have been on has been amazing.


My first major highlight was definitely Valentines day, I really started to see a peak in sales and I got super excited with 66 orders!

valentines confetti cover photo

Roll on to Fathers Day and I doubled my Valentines sales! These figures are really getting me giddy for Christmas as last year I was not prepared at all. This time I have all my designs ready to go up in September.


Another highlight of this year was when I designed my GDPR greetings card. This has been my best seller with over 100 of these sold! It’s really made me want to look at other current events for future designs. (Watch this space for some brexit related Christmas cards!)


Plans For The Future

A couple of days back I decided to write myself a business plan for the next few months. I recently did an order for a friend looking to get into the greetings card market. He didn’t have the facilities to print his own cards or any design software to set them up for printing so I did this for him as a service. This was my first big order and the feedback I got was amazing. I have now decided to get into this side of things more so will be setting up a print shop online especially for start-up card companies. My USP is going to be that I will charge the same price for 100 cards of 1 design or 100 cards of 10 designs (10×10 cards). I have also decided I want to enter the wholesale market so am spending all next week designing a new website for this market.


I am so excited to further TeePee Creations over the next year! Watch this space for bigger and better things!