Custom Orders

Custom Orders

I have created many bespoke custom orders so if you have an idea for a card you would like creating for a special someone then please just contact me, I will be happy to help!

Newcastle Football Sticker

I had a request to create a silhouette sticker from a picture of  Newcastle football player. This style is different than my usual style but I enjoyed doing it as it got me out of my comfort zone!

“Awesome ! Thank you so much.”

Jordan Ware, 9th April 2018

50th Birthday Drummer Card

For this card, I was asked to create a design for a 50th birthday with something to do with drumming and pacemakers as they had one recently fitted. So I created a drawing of the recipient drumming with the words “Oi Chris! Set Your Pacemaker At 50 BPM For This Song!”

“Perfect for the occasion, thanks a lot!”

David Pilling, 8th April 2018

Financial Burden Mothers Day Card

I had a request for a remake of an existing card – ‘Happy Mother’s Day, From Your Favourite Financial Burden.’ The one’s she had looked at were very simple and just plain text so I created a more well-thought idea with a computer and bank account screen with her name on the account showing money being transferred from the bank of Mum.

“OMG, I love it!!!!! It’s better than what I’ve seen!!!! I actually love it. That’s amaze. Thank you so much!!!”

Ellie Hazelwood, 6th March 2018

Spiderman Valentines Card​

The customer had given me a brief for this card, it was a completely bespoke design. She wanted the card to be for a little boy that loves Spiderman and wakeboarding so  I incorporated both and added spiderman throwing a heart web as it was for Valentines Day.

“He loved the card, thank you for doing such a good job!”

Linda Szafar, 16th February 2018

I A-Door You Custom Door Card

The customer had requested that I add a door number to my existing I A-Door You Card as it was a special house number that meant something to the recipient.

“So sweet! Loved the card! Great product!”

Laura Szabo, 1st February 2018

Custom Christmas Card Order

The customer wanted the Silent Knight card making more personal for her boyfriend who’s last name is Knight so I added in Holy Knight to the inside with an illustration and ‘May your Christmas be as bright as you make my knights!

“This card was unique and perfect!!! Will definitely order from this seller again.”

Jentri Jones, 27th January 2018