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Day 18 – Inspiration, March Meet The Maker

Day 18 – Inspiration – Whilst at University I went on a work placement in my third year to a place based in Liverpool called Rethinkthings. I spent 3 months there and during my time really saw how a small business ran. My job was to help with the graphics and photography for the website and catalogue. Rethinkthings is run by Ilsa Parry and sells cards and gifts – “Hi! We are rethinkthings. We PRODUCE exciting objects from bright creative minds to offer character, wisdom, wit and wackiness. We CREATE things that speak your mind to make GIFTS more thoughtful and HOME more human.” I was really inspired by this placement to go and create my own designs and Ilsa encouraged me to do this. Without this experience I don’t think I would be where I am today 😁

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Rethinkthings Catalogue

So I have the final version of the catalogue which I created for Rethinkthings over my placement.
I did the photography for nearly all the magazine and after drawing many layouts on lots of pieces of paper and cutting it down to 80 pages this was my final version when I left my placement –

However after leaving my placement it has been changed further by another intern, I have the newer version here below too, as you can see it hasn’t been changed too much, the basic layout has still been used. Once I had left my placement more ranges needed to be added and it needed to be cut down further.

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Rethinkthings LTD work placement

Over the past 3 months I have been on work placement working at a company called Rethinkthings LTD as a design intern mainly doing web based design, photography and designing a catalogue. Below I have shown the diary which I wrote recording the work I did.

I am currently still working at the company as I extended my placement to carry on working on the website and also the catalogue. Once the catalogue has been completed and printed I will be posting it on here to showcase my graphic design and layout work.

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RSA hand in – Waste Not Want Not

So I ended up handing in my waste not want not project for the RSA competition! Here’s my final hand in from, wish me luck! 🙂
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New York

You may have noticed my cover photo has changed to me in front of a bus… well I recently took a trip to New York with my university course and thats me camouflaging myself into a bus as my coat is bright yellow, there were lots of taxi jokes throughout the week as you can probably imagine, even though this isn’t to do with my design work, I thought I would share my cut down photos (from 2000 and then ever more cut down from Facebook!!) so enjoy some nice pictures, some of scenery, some of me and my friends.