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New Designers

Last week was New Designers, a show in London where, as a year we showcased our design work along with many other universities. On the Monday we went down and started to build the stand, carrying this on through to Tuesday. We started off my unloading the truck then laying out the floor. Once this was done the speed frame was put up and we could start to put the boxes up. Unfortunately, some things were broken in transport but we managed to use some filler to fill holes in, sand stuff down and re-paint everything in time for preview.

Wednesday was the opening day for the show, during the day judges walked around and left cards on people’s work up for a nomination. Quite a few people in our year managed to get nominated which was great. Then later on in the evening, we had VIP guests joining us for a few hours which then moved onto a party with them, our year and the tutors. It was a really fun night where we got to relax for a bit and do some networking.

Thursday – Saturday was when we opened up to public viewing. During these few days, I got talking to a few interesting people. One being a teacher suggesting my game would be good for autistic children, he said that they struggle to understand personality so something like Persona might help them to understand these concepts further. I think I am going to look into furthering the game now I have finished university so this may be a more suitable route to take the game down. I also got left a business card by Rainbow Designs, a company which work with brands such as Paddington Bear, Beatrix Potter and The Hungry Caterpillar who have since contacted me about doing a 3-month work placement. I am completely over the moon with this as their products are what I would love to work with after university. So you may hear about me working there soon!

Overall it was a really fun week and I am really glad I went, it was not only a good opportunity to show off my work but was a nice way to end the year with everyone.

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Uni is over! I am very happy to announce that I received a 2:1 in Design for Industry! The past few years have all been worth it and now it’s time to go into the real world! This week I am in London at New Designers showcasing my final major project Persona. If you would like to come see it I have a discount code for 2 tickets for £16 – NDEXHIB241 just go to and book for Part 2 Thursday – Saturday.

To read all about my final major project just follow the link to my portfolio post here >>

I have also printed off my portfolio to showcase with some of my projects in and made some business cards 😀


business cards insta compress




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New Designers Prep

You may have noticed that I have been very quiet since my final major project hand in! Well firstly I was enjoying a bit of time off from doing work after an exhausting few months and secondly, I have been busy helping create our stand for new designers.

From July 5th-8th our year group will be showcasing our work we completed for our final year of Design for Industry. I think about 42 of us will be down there representing Northumbria University. Over the past 3 weeks as a year we have been prepping the stand which has been designed by a team of us, built and painted by others (I am part of this team) and then had the graphics produced by another team.

So a quick update on what has happened so far. We built up the speed frame in the first week, this is a just a metal frame that hammers together –

This is going to be adjusted to match our sizings as we are changing the design slightly for our stand.

(we also got slightly distracted when one of the boxes got emptied and had a toboggan ride down the corridor!)

The white frame was created for Reveal which is our degree show within Northumbria University. We had an opening night for this last Thursday where a few companies came in to look at our work. It is open to the public now until 1st June so anyone interesting in seeing our years work just head over to the Design School at Northumbria University.

Whilst this has also been going on the design stand team came up with how we are going to present our work. Within the metal frames we are having MDF placed as deep boxes. Within these boxes there will be smaller boxes for models to sit in and A3, A4 and A5 boards with images and text explaining each concept. So far we have worked out how many tiles we need for the flooring by laying out these in the studio to the same measurements as the New Designers stand and we have started to paint and put up the MDF wood.

The graphics team have been hard at work too, they were the ones to create the layout for our Reveal show and they have been working on the New Designers layout and magazine too. To brand our year they came up with the name and logo of 55 degrees as there as 55 students in our year (receiving degrees, get it?)

I have also prepped my boards to show at New Designers. I get one A3 board and an A4 board then room for a model so my game is going to come with me, I may possibly bring my collectibles if I have room. I have tried not to put too much information on them but enough to get the idea. I also have an A5 board with a description of my project which will be next to all this,


Stay tuned as there is plenty more to come! I will keep a bit more updated now the work is becoming less hectic. Anyone looking to come to New Designers in London, there is code off for 25% – NDFINALCHANCE (I think it ends quite soon though!).

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Final Major Project Ending

The day is finally coming, the end to my final major project! I’ve got everything made and ready to print tomorrow and I am going to get this blog printed as a book tomorrow to show my design journey.


The problem that I have been trying to tackle is that gender stereotype toys reinforce self fulfilling prophecy, that if you are told you should be a certain way, you act a certain way. Girls – your appearance matters. Boys – you should be masculine, being sensitive is wrong.

I decided I wanted to create a board game to project my views about gender as these have to be played with rules unlike a toy which can be interpreted as anything by a child.

My advice when doing this from Patrick Otley, former Hasbro Game Board Designer was – “I am a firm believer that board games for children should be primarily fun. Education can happen, but that should be secondary to the awesome experience.”

My solution – “Persona” a board game which teaches children that every personality trait can have a benefit in life, therefore showing them that they can be whoever they want to be through a fun medium!

Here is my final presentation board showing off every part of my idea.

final board

I have left a gap because I want to show my game box standing up on the table. This is a practice set up I did today –

practise set up

I am so happy with the end result!

It feels weird saying that this project is over but I have had a lot of fun designing this game, it is definitely an industry I would like to work in after university. Next step is to complete my Critical Justification 2 for this project and then onto finding a job for when I graduate!

alll work pic