Bedtime Buddy

This project lasted over 2 months in my final year of university. It was answering a brief for the Delight in Light competition. The brief was very broad in that you could design any kind of light as long as it was for indoor use. I knew at the beginning I wanted to create some sort of night light for children. After some research I found my insight about children being afraid of the dark. At the age of 2/3 years old children start to imagine things that don’t exist, they struggle to then distinguish between reality and fantasy. Security objects usually help children who are afraid of the dark to sleep. So to help this issue I designed a night light where the children could use their overactive imagination in a positive way. The light doubles up as a security object which they customise themselves by adding accessories to make their “Bedtime Buddy.”

These were my final boards showing my light to the Design in Light competition.






To see my process and more information about this project just follow the link here to my corresponding blog post.