This project was all about designing a piece of furniture which would grow with you through life.

My idea was interchangeable furniture which goes from a baby changing station to a desk to a tv station.

In the first stage the 2 shelves are placed at the top and bottom, the shelf at the top has a dip into it which is where the mattress for the baby changer would be placed. The bottom shelf would be used for storage.

In the second stage the top shelf would be flipped upside down and brouhght further down. A chair comes with the unit which had 3 adjustable heights. The first is suitable for up to 6 years old, the second up to 14 years and then the third height is intended for the user to then use the table as a bedside table for when the furniture moves into the third stage. At the back of the desk there is a white board and a cork board for the child to use.

The last stage is that both of the shelves can be placed wherever the user prefers. A TV and other electronics can be replaced within this and the cables from these can be hidden away with the tube at the back of the unit.

These are my 3 project boards and pictures of my cardboard model made at 1:5 scale.


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