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Final Major Project Ending

The day is finally coming, the end to my final major project! I’ve got everything made and ready to print tomorrow and I am going to get this blog printed as a book tomorrow to show my design journey.


The problem that I have been trying to tackle is that gender stereotype toys reinforce self fulfilling prophecy, that if you are told you should be a certain way, you act a certain way. Girls – your appearance matters. Boys – you should be masculine, being sensitive is wrong.

I decided I wanted to create a board game to project my views about gender as these have to be played with rules unlike a toy which can be interpreted as anything by a child.

My advice when doing this from Patrick Otley, former Hasbro Game Board Designer was – “I am a firm believer that board games for children should be primarily fun. Education can happen, but that should be secondary to the awesome experience.”

My solution – “Persona” a board game which teaches children that every personality trait can have a benefit in life, therefore showing them that they can be whoever they want to be through a fun medium!

Here is my final presentation board showing off every part of my idea.

final board

I have left a gap because I want to show my game box standing up on the table. This is a practice set up I did today –

practise set up

I am so happy with the end result!

It feels weird saying that this project is over but I have had a lot of fun designing this game, it is definitely an industry I would like to work in after university. Next step is to complete my Critical Justification 2 for this project and then onto finding a job for when I graduate!

alll work pic

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Persona Advert

Over the past few days I have been working on creating an advert for my game Persona to show off how it would be marketed and get the idea across in 30 seconds. My 2 younger cousins and Auntie Sharon posed as actors, they have played the game before so could understand what it was all about. Before filming I storyboarded what I wanted to achieve in my sketch book. I took several long shots of different parts of the game and a few close ups cutting them up and putting them together in Premiere Pro.

After downloading this I saw another app in the Adobe package called Character Animator so thought I would see if I could make my characters come to life. I used this to create puppets of Hip, Hinge and Cubey. Watching a few tutorials I started to get the hang of it. For the voiceover I used a website called people per hour as I tried to do the voiceover myself and it didn’t go to plan!

Watch the advert here, opinions welcome 😀 the end is near! Just need to finish my final presentation boards now!

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Trait Game Version 5.0 + Major Interim

After my focus group on Thursday I created a new version of my trait game from the feedback I got.

Liked –

  • basic boards
  • icons used
  • use of colour
  • love jean pool
  • love the characters
  • love the end stories
  • like the option of physical cards and app, like the app as it keeps it modern
  • like building up character pieces
  • like circle shaped board

As they liked the characters, jean pool and building up the character pieces I tried to develop this by keeping the characters but having them able to wear the ‘jeans.’

The ‘jeans’ and character traits are magnetic so the jeans stick to the character.As they liked the simple board and made a comment that the linear board seemed like you ‘die’ at the end of the game I kept it circular. I also then removed the career roles as they didn’t fit well with a non-linear board and overcomplicated the game.

As they liked the simple board and made a comment that the linear board seemed like you ‘die’ at the end of the game I kept it circular. I also then removed the career roles as they didn’t fit well with a non-linear board and overcomplicated the game.

Another comment was made about what is the difference between collecting head and heart points. I currently had it that in the game you would collect head and heart points and the highest scorer won. However this made no sense as why would head and heart be the same?  You may as well just have 1 set of tokens. To try and resolve this I changed it so in the game you had to try and get a balance of head and heart points. The player closest to  a 50/50 balance would win the game. This is when I added the androgyny zone in the middle of the board. The new point of the game was to become androgynous.

trait game 5

An element was also added in the game to make choosing your character more fun, a marble run to randomly select.


These are the current rules for this game –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

trait game 5.0

This is the game I presented at my major interim today along with the rest of my work. Upon reflection, I realised that I have overcomplicated my game. The use of the marble run was unnecessary and I think I was trying to inject fun but did it in an overtop way. I also think the androgyny zone was something I added last minute and is too complicated for young children to understand. There was also some confusion with the game, whether I am trying to create a commercially viable product or something more provocative. I think this week I am going to try and strip back the game and keep it simple and subtle. Keep the characters for personality traits but remove gender and just show children that they can be whoever they want to be/play as and that this game isn’t loudly projecting gender onto them. I am going to keep the game completely gender neutral and still make sure I am keeping it fun and exciting. Hopefully after some changes I can start to create a simple game that will be easy to test and develop my personality character traits further… stay tuned.

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Focus Group for the Trait Game

For my next version of the trait game, I wanted to get my peers opinions as designers into which aspects of each 4 iterations of my game they liked the most. I gave them green sticky notes for things they liked and orange sticky notes for things they would change/improve on. This was to help me create my next (hopefully better) game for my major interim on Monday.


I am also planning on sending off these 4 versions to Patrick from Hasbro to get his opinion and I have sent earlier iterations of the 4 games to Erin Deighton from Hasbro too. Hopefully then after that feedback, I can create the next better version of the game.

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Trait Game Version 4.0 + 4.1

This game is my fourth iteration which I have created and then further developed into a working prototype.

Original creation –

it 1


These are the new rules I have set for this game –

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The fourth version brought back in gender and career with personality traits. I added in a few new elements to this game. To make choosing a gender more fun I added in a ‘jean’ pool where you pull out your XX or XY chromosome. There are also milestone points on this board which have challenge cards with visual spatial challenges or empathy challenges to try and get children to be more well-rounded individuals. The last new element was a ‘How did your life turn out?’ section in the rule book. One point that was made in the past was about what happens if you lose the game, this element solves this question. Either the user inputs on the games app their gender, trait, career and head/heart points to get a story ending or the rule book could include generic endings based on how many tokens you have collected. This means that even if you lose the game you still have a unique ending.

Then here you can see the final prototype of the game.

it 2

My next step now is to get my peer group together and ask them which elements in my 4 versions they think are the most fun to play. I am also going to send off my ideas to Patrick from Hasbro again to get his feedback and then from this create a new ‘hybrid’ game with the best elements. Then once that’s all made it’s time fo testing!